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Natalya Igorevna Dzenkiv is a girl known today as a Ukrainian singer, who independently writes the lyrics of her musical compositions, is the soloist of the Lama project. She was born in Ivano-Frankovsk in 1975 on December 14. The girl's father and mother were also extremely artistic people. They were constantly on tour, while the girl stayed with her grandmother, who raised her. Although there were times when parents toured with their daughter.

The girl from an early age was engaged in the art of ballet, but the career of a dancer is clearly not what was destined for her. Natasha wanted to go in for figure skating, but there was no institution in the city where she could realize her dreams, and therefore she had to study herself.

Already at the age of 5, the girl was confidently skating. She tried skating in her yard. Then Dzenkiv decides to move to the capital of Ukraine, where he is already seriously engaged in figure skating. That's when the Lama project comes in. The singer realized that there was no time to become a figure skater, so ice skating was a thing of the past.

The artist started making music professionally thanks to ballet. When she went to the dances, it became obvious to the accompanist that the girl was very talented, so she recommended that she go to individual lessons.

A year later, Dzenkiv began studying piano at a music school. Without completing the zero grade, she immediately entered the first, completing the program in general for the third.

From a young age, Natalya composed poems.

The girl realized that she wanted to be a singer when she got to the Bon Jovi concert. Mother and father bought her a synthesizer, after which she began to actively write lyrics for musical compositions. Since the choice was not great, she had to go to the Hutsul dance and song ensemble, where her parents worked.

In the 90s Natalya, after meeting Vitaly Telezin, became the vocalist of the "Magic" group, but the group did not last long. After that, in 2005, she became the only member of the Lama group. She thought for a long time about the name for the group, but nothing came to mind. After a vacation in Turkey, she dreamed that a monk pronounces the word "Lama", which became the name of the project and the artist's pseudonym.

The first collection turned out to be extremely successful. 7 days after its presentation, the number of discs sold reached 20 thousand copies.

The year 2007 was remembered for the girl by the fact that she was awarded the “Best Ukrainian Performer” award.

The debut was a track called "I'm so demanding." It was constantly played on the radio in Ukraine. After the release of this song, the girls recorded the first collection with the same name.

The singer still lives in Kiev and writes lyrics for singles herself. She is fascinated by Hinduism and oriental wisdom. Natalia became a vegetarian and believes that she is a “real woman” precisely because of her views.